Theory11 Monarch Playing Card Box-Set (4 Deck Premium Set)

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Monarch Card Set (4 Deck Premium Set)

The world’s most beautiful playing cards in a unique, innovative four pack set. Sealed in one OVERSIZED tuck case.

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 These are in amazing condition and have been out of print for many years now. Definitely a item for a collector!



A breathtaking collector’s set of FOUR Monarch Playing Cards, housed inside of a special tuck case FOUR times the normal size.

Monarch Playing Cards are the pinnacle of playing card excellence. Illustrated by Curtis Jinkins, Monarchs are the go-to deck when you’re looking to impress.

We took the already gorgeous tuck case, amplified it four times the normal size, and filled it with four decks of the world’s most regal playing cards. Crisp gold foil and embossed edges highlight the jaw-dropping design.

The perfect gift showcasing the world’s most beautiful deck.

The four premium decks fit perfectly inside the special tuck case, sealed with a matte red, gold foil, letterpressed seal. Printed in the USA.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 in


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