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I have setup and from now until the decks arrive at my door, I will be taking preorders for the inventory listed on the website. INCLUDING THE NEWLY ANNOUNCED “Crimson Casino” decks!!!

The moment the decks arrive, to be shipped. I will use wheelofrandomnames website to do 3 giveaways.

3 Names will be selected from a Full list of Preorders (through invoices on my website)

Name Entries For Giveaway:

  • $1-50 = 1 Entry
  • $51-$100 = 2 Entries
  • $101-$200 = 3 Entries
  • $200+ = 5 Entries


  • Bronze Patreon Members = 1 Extra Entry
  • Silver Patreon Members = 2 Extra Entries
  • Gold Patreon Members = 4 Extra Entries

1st Name drawn will receive:

  • 1 Emerald Casino deck  $15
  • 1 Emerald Casino Green Gilded Deck $40
  • 1 Emerald Casino Gold Gilded Deck $100

Retail Value- $155 (3 Decks)

2nd name drawn will receive:

  • 2 Emerald Casino decks  $30
  • 2 Emerald Casino Green Gilded Decks $80
  • 1 Emerald Casino Gold Gilded Decks $100

Retail Value- $211 (5 Decks)

Final Name will receive:

  • 1 Twisted Artistry First Edition Deck $15
  • 1 Twisted Artistry First Edition [Prism Blue  Gilded] Deck  $77
  • 1 Emerald Casino deck  $15
  • 1 Emerald Casino Green Gilded Deck $40
  • 1 Emerald Casino Gold Gilded Deck $100
  • 1 Crimson Casino Edition deck $15

Retail Value = $ 262 (6 Decks)

Prizes will be shipped with your existing preorder.

Additionally please Do not purchase items that are not labeled “PRE-ORDER” unless you’re purchasing the products with a  separate transaction. All “In-Stock” inventory must be purchased separately so that it can be shipped immediately.

Final note:

If you’re not following me on Patreon, definitely take a look around, as I have a LOT I’ve been structuring and preparing to build and grow the Twisted Artistry community! Monthly Deck Giveaways, EXCLUSIVE to Patreons begins this coming month, so join asap for your chance to win a, to be announced rare deck.

It may have started with a cool playing card design for you guys, but it began many years ago for me, with using magic to heal then I turned to building custom Close-up pads that I may do in special occasion again in the near future.

Then everything changed for me when I worked for 5-6 years building professional gimmicks for Theory11. I learned a lot by taking that path. But I am FINALLY ready to begin building a path that involves all of you guys and women. I have far more knowledge than I could possibly ever share, but I’m extremely excited to do my very best!

When I say “The patreon tiers don’t begin to express what all I’m going to offer.” Nothing could be more true about the patreon platform, for Twisted Artistry. It is why I have spent a good deal of time preparing a discord for everyone as well. I am passionate about a LOT and I’ve been successful, with a great deal of things in life. Mostly because I have failed more times than I could count and hopefully I can offer Patrons and discord members even a sliver of inspiration consistently. Because I’ve watched some VERY talented people slip through the cracks, not just in the magic industry but in life, in general.

Twisted Artistry has always been something I wanted to inspire people with, using Art, writing, poetry, magic, creating and solving all forms of puzzles and the list goes on and on.  I feel it’s time to stop thinking about what Twisted Artistry represents and just SHOW everyone!

If you join us there are a few rules:

  • “Don’t talk about fight club” 😉
  • Be obsessed
  • Be grateful
  • Be more than less.
  • Be cool 🕶️
  • Give what you can to make your art stronger!

“Connection is the key to creation”