About Me

About Me

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 Established 2015, as a Custom Close-Up Pad Maker, for Magicians. I then went on to build gimmicks professionally for Theory11.com for 6 years.
 My main Focus for the past 2-3 has been on Designing Playing cards as well as Digital Artwork (NFT’S)

Our Company

Push the boundaries of what you believe to be true. DON’T STOP, If you’re doing that, then you know exactly who and what Twisted Artistry is all about.

DON’T STOP is more than just a future deck I’ll be releasing, it represents a way of life. It is a positive thought process, that has guided me through some of my darkest and loneliest times.
We are ALL capable of accomplishing anything we set our minds to. I, like many of you, got into magic as a result of seeing possibilities that exist in the seemingly impossible!
This message of “DON’T STOP” serves as a reminder that everything we do is limitless; that in order to “Prove You’re Alive” all you have to do is look inward and follow your passions; not your doubts.
 So whatever this world throws at you, DON’T STOP doing all the things you love and fighting to bring them to life, regardless of anyone else’s negativity!
“It Only Ends Once”
Make the most of everything and…

About Me:

I am Terry Ady, Creator of many Magic products in the magic industry. My passion is to solve puzzles and build the impossible, as is playing cards, crypto and learning everything about as much as humanly possible.

Terry Ady


Check out Items Created PERSONALLY by myself!

Below is everything from, playing cards I’ve designed to gimmicks i still create on a order per order basis.  Keep an eye out for “Close-up Pads” Made to order, Specific for each individuals wants and needs, Just like all my work!